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Exclusive ready-made logos for sale from acipefri

Total: 7 Logo
Natural Clean Water Drops

a logo with the concept of clean water droplets with a visual of several leaf shapes in a water drop visual that depicts every drop of water having natural cleanliness. and this also describes the water source of life.


Letter M Shield Logo

The letter M logo with the concept of a shield and sword is in the negative space.


Hi Five Star Logo

Hai Five logo with a simple and very cheerful star concept.


Home Clean Service Logo

This is a home cleaning service logo that is simple and clearly visible even from a distance. Logo is very easy to operate in various media, be it print media or digital media.


Rainbow Brain Logo

modern side view brain logo, depicting ion, dna, growth, connection, quality, joy, positivity, goodness. very suitable for health business, children, education, etc.


Bell Video

play button logo with bell, more suitable for those of you who have a youtube channel or similar that has informational content. with a bell representing a notification, reminder, or alarm.


Eagle Logo

This is the Eagle/Rajawali bird logo with a very elegant, simple, and unique concept, its uniqueness lies in the one form of this bird that can represent/form three different letters, namely: V, Y, and T, depending on the needs of the company that owns it , want the logo to represent what letters among the 3 letters it can produce.