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Exclusive ready-made logos for sale from Zeero Creative

Total: 7 Logo
Lion's Head Logo

Lion's head logo that shows strength and courage in carrying out tasks and vision. so as to bring about change in the company.


Mosque And Foundation Logo

The logo in the form of a mosque is intended for an assembly or educational institution, Islamic boarding school and also a foundation. so that it is easy to remember and recognize because the logo is simple and elegant


Letter N . Security Logo

the initial letter n logo in the form of security or security is simple and elegant, can be applied to an industrial company, especially security.


Unique 3d Cube Logo

cube logo with negative space or blank space that is unique and modern, very suitable for the brand of a company in various fields, such as websites, industry, consultants and others. This logo is made unique and simple so that it is easy to remember and understand.


Three Trees

This logo is very suitable for companies in the field of nature, consultants and also the world. because these three trees symbolize the lungs of the world.


Fish Logo In Water

This logo is very suitable for products or brands that come into contact with the sea, rivers and lakes. especially regarding fish. because this logo is simple, easy to recognize and can also be applied to various media


Eagle And Swan Logo

This logo can be applied to various brands or products, because this logo is simple and modern. so it looks easy to recognize.