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Exclusive ready-made logos for sale from Kolonilabs

Total: 8 Logo
Coffeshop Logo

This is a geomatric logo suitable for restaurants, coffeeshops, consultants, real estate and much more


Letter M

This is an M-shaped logo suitable for construction companies, hotels, inns, villas, fashion as well as cafes too


Home Wood Logo

This logo in the form of a wooden house is suitable for Wood Workshops, wood repair services, or furniture manufacturing services and many more. if you need changes, happy to help


Noodle Everyday Logo

This is a fast food logo that is very popular in Indonesia. yep, this is Mie Ayam is suitable for your Fastfood business related to noodles, of course. If you need a change from the logo, I'm happy to help


Pizza Logo

This logo is the Pizza logo suitable for branding your pizza shop, if you need a change I will be happy to help.


Robo Logo

This is a tiny but tough robot logo suitable for e-sports, games, clothing, liquid brands, technology, startups and many more if it represents your brand.


Logo Rakun

This logo is in the shape of an animal called a raccoon, looks cute and simple, this logo is suitable for a fashion product, clothing, accessories, startup, etc.


Pinky Monster

This is a logo in the form of a pink monster, suitable for games, surfing, can also be an out of the box cafe