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Exclusive ready-made logos for sale from korzuen

Total: 9 Logo
Ufo Logo

UFO Logo for sale. A modern UFO emblem patch with a starry background and beam emitting from the UFO suitable for your extra magnificent brand


Star Falcon Logo

Star Falcon Logo for sale. A modern and elegant design of a falcon with its wing spread out and a star embedded into the falcon heart


Head Light Idea Logo

A combination of a human head and a light bulb conveying the message of idea and thinking that would be suitable for education and thinker-related business


Circle Flower Of Love Logo

Circle flower of love logo for sale. A creative and beautiful design of a flower and love design arrangement in a circular emblem design


Chicken Minimalist Logo

Chicken Minimalist logo for sale. A minimalist chicken head logomark inside a round background design suitable for restaurant and chicken related business


Bull Audio Logo

Bull Audio for sale. A modern and simple design of a bull head with the audio bar meter design incorporates into the logomark


Bee Flower Logo

Bee flower Logo mascot for sale. A beautiful and creative design that combines the bee with pink flower petals as its wings.


Bear Logo

Bear Logo for sale. A modern and creative design of a black silhouette of a bear walking around separated into 4 different pieces.


Astronaut Logo

Astronaut Logo for sale. A modern design of the astronaut head gear with the stars design all over it to show the vastness of our beautiful outer space