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Letter P Wayang
Letter P Wayang

Letter P Wayang

A ready-made logo by FA_ForFighting

Price: IDR 500.000 USD / €31 EUR

Logo yang elegan dengan bentuk huruf P dengan ornamen gunungan wayang sebagai karakter logo.
cocok untuk perusahaan nasional ataupun komunitas dalam bidang budaya.

  • Editable

    The designer will provide up to three revisions to suit your business identity. Changes such as name, color, and position are examples.

  • Exclusive License

    If you buy, this logo will be completely yours.

  • Original

    Logoku ensures original designs from professional designers and has never been sold before.

  • Format File

    You will get high-resolution EPS, SVG, JPG, and PNG formats.

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Letter P Wayang
Letter P Wayang

IDR 500.000

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