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Exclusive ready-made logos for sale from aagraphic

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( Ahyad Alfatih )

Hi, I'm a graphic designer from Indonesia. Here I sell various kinds of logos from modern, classic, traditional, mascot logos and others.

Butterfly Logo

The butterfly logo is made with thick lines and luxurious colors, making the logo look elegant, unique, simple and modern. This butterfly logo can be applied on social media, electronic or print media, given a dark background so that the printed logo can be seen clearly.


Owl Key Logo

Elegant and modern owl logo flying with wings wide open and holding a key in its feet. This logo can be used on social media, electronic or print media with a dark background


Phoenix Nature Logo

The phoenix logo is inspired by the beauty of nature, trees, leaves so this logo looks elegant and beautiful, very popular with business people or property brands, wood craftsmen, wood interiors, and others.


Logo Number 18

the number 18 logo design is simple and simple with a thick outline. This logo is suitable for coffee businesses, cafes, restaurants, casual places


Minimalist Real Estate Boat Logo

A simple logo design with a picture of a ship and real estate made with a thick outline looks minimalist, suitable for accommodation businesses, hotels, homestays


Real Estate Boat Logo

The appearance of the ship and real estate makes for a unique and modern logo suitable for lodging businesses or building construction


Sailing Ship Logo

A simple and minimalist logo design made with a thick outline to form a sailing ship can be used for industries or companies in the shipping, fisheries, shipbuilding and other sectors.


Leopard Logo

This logo is designed with various elements including leaves, wayang gunungan motifs, hands looking up, leopards, houses, people raising two hands to form the face of a leopard. A unique and creative logo is suitable for agencies or companies in the fields of nature, recreation, zoos, exploration, conservation


Pizza Camping Logo

The combination of pizza and camping makes a unique, simple and modern logo suitable for a pizza food business or pizzeria


Letter C Noodles Logo

This unique noodle logo design in the shape of the letter C is formed from noodles and cut in the middle with chopsticks, suitable for noodle, ramen or food restaurant businesses.


Samurai Logo

The unique and simple samurai logo with the red cloud behind it seems very attractive and can be used for industry or as a brand


Japanese Katana Ramen Logo

The combination of ramen and katana creates a unique and creative logo suitable for food businesses, noodle or ramen restaurants


S Noodles Katana Logo

This unique noodle logo design in the shape of the letter S is formed from noodles cut with a katana, suitable for noodle, ramen or food restaurant businesses


Moon Girl Logo

The girl is sitting on the moon holding a moon stick. This logo is made in a modern style with a classic color combination to make the logo look elegant