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Exclusive ready-made logos for sale from MURVA GRAPHIC DESIGN

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( M Mulyadi )

New Designer

Hi! I am a passionate, imaginative, experienced logo designer and Illustrator based in Indonesia. My main expertise includes Brand Designing and Brand Development which range from designing logos, illustrations to designing banners and business cards. Start Building Your Brand Identity With Us With A Fast, Simple, Original, Professional, Timely, And Quality Process! Thank you.

Jumping Kangaroo Line Logo

The modern jumping kangaroo logo design is made with lines, suitable for any business, especially related to the kangaroo animal character.


Usb Letter B Logo

USB cable logo design in the shape of the letter B, perfect for computer, technology, mobile phone accessories, hardware or logo-related businesses.


Fast Running Dog Logo

A dog running fast with a rocket on the background of the moon. Suitable for any business.


Corn Farm Logo

Modern and simple corn farm illustration designer. This logo is for corn farming, food, or anything related to corn.


Industrial Letter G Logo

Letter G logo with modern and simple industrial building.


Ancient Chinese Woman Logo

Ancient chinese woman logo design, suitable for beauty, fashion and many other creative business enterprises.


Rose Health Logo

Medical red cross logo with rose flower, suitable for health, plant health, medical or logo related.


Logo Protect Corn
Logo Protect Corn

Corn logo with shield modern and simple. Suitable for corn plantation, food, or corn related business.

Sold Out

Sunflower Woman Logo

Sunflower logo with beautiful woman face, perfect for beauty products, florist, fashion, makeup, spa or anything related to sunflower.


Shopping Woman Logo

Shopping Woman Logo for sale. modern, simple and professional, suitable for your business in the field of fashion, boutiques etc.


M2 House Paint Logo

Simple and modern house paint logo. the logo has an M-shaped house with a paint brush, the paint brush forms a line number 2,
Perfect for renovation, real estate, decoration or similar business with initials or numbers.


Polar Bear Letter B Logo

B letter combination logo with polar bear, modern and simple. Perfect for any business related to bears and your initials.


Peacock Logo

The peacock logo is unique, simple and modern, suitable for fashion, beauty and can also be used for relevant businesses.


Letter A Bull Barbed Wire Logo

A unique monoline combining the letter A, a bull and barbed wire, suitable for all businesses, letter signs, personal brands, construction companies, etc.


Growth Butterfly Logo

The butterfly growth logo, made of a combination of leaves and butterflies, is perfect for logos of finance, businessman, investment, savings, ecology, agriculture, etc.


Logo N Or E Light Bulb

The light bulb logo combined with the letter N or E is unique, modern and simple. This logo can be used for any relevant business.


Letter N Photography Logo

Photography N letter logo. This design features the camera shutter symbol incorporated into the letter N combined into one design.


Letter P Camera Logo

The modern and simple letter P logo combines with the camera lens, perfect for photography and videography, or when it comes to cameras.


Letter X Fireworks Logo

A modern, unique and simple x letter logo with fireworks exploding into stars, suitable for any business.


Shoe Logo

A modern and simple shoe logo, suitable for shoe stores, fashion or anything related to shoes.


Dragonfly Lover Logo

Logo shaped with lines forming a flying dragonfly having love, perfect for any business related logo.


Letter C Bird Logo

A C letter logo combined with a bird carrying a necklace is perfect for jewelery and fashion businesses.


Diamond Fox Logo

A modern, geometric, minimal and professional fox head logo set with diamonds, perfect for any company related to foxes and diamonds.


Bear And Fish Logo

Minimalist and modern bear logo design that represents eating fish (salmon) in the mouth, perfect for restaurant companies or anything related to bears and fish.