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( Muhammad Fajar Maulid )

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Exclusive ready-made logos from pulangNak Design

Total: 22 Logo
Letter H Construction

Logo concept: combining the letter H with a building creates a unique new shape, where the letter H is seen as a negative space between the buildings, this logo is also ambigrammatic where the logo can be reversed without changing its true meaning.


Fire Letter S

Logo concept: combining the letter s with fire to form a very unique new shape, this logo is ambigrammatic and can be reversed without changing the meaning of the logo.


Shield E And S Logo With Smiling Face

This logo has a shield around it that has the letters E and S inside with the blank space forming a smiling face. This logo looks strong and friendly. This logo has a shield around it that has the letters E and S inside with a blank space forming a smiling face. This logo looks strong and friendly.


Initials Logo Th Or Thm

This logo combines several letters such as t and h or also t, h, and m. This initial logo looks solid.


Initial Logo S Sushi

Sushi logo. There is an initial S that forms 2 fish and there are chopsticks.


Swimming Logo

Logo for swimming training. There are silhouettes of people swimming and water.


Initials Logo Jn Or Nj

This logo is a combination of j and n, or n and j. The logo is ambigram in meaning 360 rotate or full circle and will look the same.


Flower Logo

Cambodia Flower Logo. In this Logo there are Two Yellow Cambodian Flowers Five petals which have the philosophy of dedication, life and the Ten Circles surrounding the frangipani flower is an abstraction of ten spiritual elements.


Diamond Letter N Logo

This logo combines two elements like diamond and n. The n says that the lines are elegant and elegant but still look strong and modern.


Building Logo

The logo here is a building and arrow. Arrows with such a philosophy as, concentration and focus on the target, are the "gong "to make it to the target. Unity of shapes in the logo has the sense of always wanting to go forward and thrive with an arrow facing up. The logo appears to be minimalist and elegant suitable for construction, real estate or agency.


Snow Logo

There are negative space in the center of the object forming a flower. It's good for beauty, spa, fashion, jewelry.


Honey Bee Logo

Honey Bee Logo. This Honey Bee logo looks cute but still looks strong and firm. Suitable for honey business.


Chicken Logo

Logo Chicken Siluet.


Logo Garuda

Logo Burung Garuda. Logo ini terlihat tegas dan penuh semangat.


Monster Dimsum Logo

Monster Dimsum logo. This logo has clear and strong lines, perfect for a dimsum food logo.


Sushi Logo

Sushi logo suitable for your business in the culinary field.


Coffee Logo

Coffee logo Suitable for your coffee business, coffee drinks, coffee shops, cafes.


Pine Logo

Logo hutan pinus yang menggabungkan daun pinus dan buah pinus. Yang membuatnya terlihat menarik.


Buffalo Key Logo

This logo incorporates a buffalo head and keys. Very bold look for a logo you can have.


Logo Lettermark Ns

Initial lettermark logo N and S This logo combines the letters N and the letter S into an attractive whole.


Panda Logo

Panda Polygon Logo Suitable for fashion business, distro or animal zoo


Logo Coffee

This logo is suitable for coffee shops, coffee shops, cafes