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Exclusive ready-made logos for sale from PopKron Design

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Cat Rice Logo

This Sego Kucing (Java) logo has a cat's ear shape that represents the word "Cat" itself, with green leaves that wrap the rice package and 2 quail skewers beside it. This logo is suitable for food restaurants, especially restaurants that have low-priced menus.


Usb Data Cable Initial Letter B

The initial letter b logo formed from a data cable roll resembles Headphones as the main logo, a logo that represents Music, Audio, Technology, Modern, Elegant, Simple, Minimalist, and Professional. This logo is suitable for you in various fields, especially about Audio, Accessories and Technology.


Big Boss Usb With Headphone

Logo shaped USB head with a mustache wearing headphones with a suit tie like a big office boss enjoying his success. This logo is suitable for you to use in various fields, such as Electronic Stores, Accessories, Music, Cafes, or anything related to Technology and Data Transfer.


Usb Head Headphones

Logo in the form of a USB head that is wearing Headphones. suitable for logos related to data transfer activities, music and audio


Redhat Mysterious Usb

USB head-shaped logo wearing a Red Hat with detective eyes. Position of the hat is made with an inclination of 10° which represents the binary numbers 1 and 0, something identical to Coding, Anonym and Hack. A logo that is suitable for the Coding, Hacker, Developer, Website community or anything related to technology and data transfer.


Abstract Maple Leaf Mask

This logo is inspired by Maple leaves or the logo on the Canadian flag which is made simply like a mask marked with a plus +


Speaker Or Music Box Letter B

Speaker or Music Box logo with Simple Vintage style neatly arranged to form the letter B


Big Boss Burger Logo

This unique burger logo is inspired by the shape of a plain-headed man who represents a big boss, the shape of a bun depicts the head and the meat filling as the shape of the tongue. This logo is suitable for fast food restaurants or the like.


Zero B Brand Logo

This simple initial logo has the basic shape of the letter B at a glance and the number 0 (zero) which is partially cut into negative space to form the basic letter B. This logo is suitable for various fields, especially financial business.


Logo Initials Letter My Or Ym

The initials logo is inspired by a part of Sparta's helmet shape, which consists of the letter Y briefly in the middle and the letter M with two legs cut off on the right and left to form negative space which represents the eye holes on the Spartan helmet. Suitable for various business, security, application logos and your esports team.


Im Spartan Logo
Im Spartan Logo

The Spartan helmet-shaped Monogram logo consists of the letter I representing red hair and the letter M as a whole for the helmet. Suitable for use in various fields, especially for individuals, security and esports. IM Spartan, IM Ready!

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