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Privacy Policy


The existence of this Privacy Policy is a real commitment from Logoku to respect and protect any personal data or information of users of the www.logoku.com site, its derivative sites, as well as the Logoku mobile application (hereinafter referred to as the "Site").

This Privacy Policy (along with the terms of use of the Logoku site as stated in the "Terms & Conditions" and other information listed on the Site) establishes the basis for the acquisition, collection, processing, analysis, appearance, disclosure, and/or all forms of management related to the data or information that the User provides to Logoku or that Logoku collects from the User, including the User's personal data, both when the User registers on the Site, accesses the Site, or uses the services on the Site (hereinafter referred to as "data").

By accessing and/or using Logoku services, the User declares that each User data is correct and valid data, and the User gives approval to Logoku to obtain, collect, store, manage and use such data as stated in the Privacy Policy and Logoku Terms and Conditions. .

List of contents

1. User Data Collection and Collection
2. Data Usage
3. User Personal Data Disclosure
4. Cookies
5. User Choice and Transparency
6. Information Storage and Deletion
7. Privacy Policy Updates