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Reference For Inspiration

20 Jan 2023 336




A person in general does get inspiration from seeing, hearing, and paying attention to the things around him. Likewise a designer, even more in need of even looking for something called an observation of something that aims to gain inspiration and pour it deeper into a design.


That is why references are really needed by a designer, indeed references are the main element in creating a design concept. References are images that really support new ideas in making a design work. Especially for design beginners, in this case, it is highly emphasized to increase references first.


DO NOT BE LAZY! it is the key.


Don't rush to execute a design so it doesn't seem instantaneous and random.. design needs a mature and clear concept, so the more references we make, the brighter the inspiration will be.


What if I'm blind or don't have any more inspiration? Yes, take a break, take it easy, take it easy first, do other activities besides designing to improve your mood first and then go back to designing again, yes, that's the habit, so you don't have to force it, otherwise the results won't be optimal, right?


Here's how to increase references and it's really easy if you want;


The internet (for example, search on Google, Youtube), there are lots of examples of good designs that can be used as material for us to design or tutorials for making them.

Social Media (Sosmed), take advantage of social media in positive ways such as joining graphic design communities, then there you will find lots of people with various backgrounds and of course there are pros in the world of design. You can share and take their experience as a reference too.

Look Around You (look around you), look around your house, look outside your house, to the streets and the like is a reference for your materials for making designs, because of course there are lots of "Available" labels, posters, logos as examples. So just pay attention and it will be material for you.



The three points above are my personal way of getting inspiration in designing, maybe most designers are the same way. So if anyone is still having trouble making a design? yes, just follow the three points above, God willing, it will work.


The rest is more practice, more flying hours with new things, yes, and it's fun and exciting because it's more challenging, as long as you don't get too ambitious, okay? easy to give up in learning design.


Then take advantage of friends in the design community for Sharing & Discussion with people who you think have capacity in the field of graphic design and can indeed provide benefits. Leave those who can only "bad comments" without being able to provide a solution.



Hopefully Helpful, Keep the Spirit of Indonesian Graphic Designers.



Barakallahu Fiikum

Saya Zaky owner mzpdesign,

Selamat Datang dan Semoga mendapatkan ilmu bermanfaat dari sini.

- Sharing & Edukasi Seputar ilmu Desain Grafis, Memperbanyak Teman & Relasi Bisnis.
- Mentor E-Course mzpclass, 
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