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Yandi Rockantheme
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Yandi Rockantheme

( Yandi )

Welcome to my logo portfolio, I am a Professional Logo Designer. My logo prioritizes: Simple, Elegant, Strong, Clean, Attractive, Different, Professional, Consistent, Stable, Modern and of course suitable for your business or company.


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Total: 61 Logo

Logo Singa Minimalis

Logo singa yang di desain simpel minimalis dan elegan memberi kesan kuat kokoh untuk semua jenis perusahaan

IDR 6.000.000

Geometric Ta Or At Logo

Tttt aaaaa geometric logo designe

IDR 1.500.000


IDR 5.000.000

V Sword Logo

IDR 5.000.000

Geometric H Logo

IDR 5.000.000

Monogram Ta Logo

IDR 4.500.000

H Arrow Logo

IDR 550.000

Golden Ca Logo

IDR 1.500.000

Ornament Logo

Ornament logo

IDR 350.000

Geometric O X Logo

Geometric o x logo

IDR 500.000

Logo Hurup A Pedang

The creative design of the letter A made of 2 swords is simple and elegant.

IDR 5.000.000

Golden Star Logo

A simple and modern star logo that is very unique and attractive

IDR 5.000.000

Logo Panah Xo

Desain 3d hurup x dan o dengan arah panah yang mengarah ke 4 arah.

IDR 750.000

Moon Raised Frog

The ambitious frog wants to be like Atlas, lifting the moon to show its power that can't be underestimated

IDR 5.000.000

Golden Rs Logo

The simple and elegant letter r and s logo is good for all types of companies

IDR 5.000.000

Isometric E G

The combination of the two letters E and G that can be used as the initials of a company or community with an elegant style

IDR 5.000.000

Geometric Ruby

Ruby gemstones with a geometric style, forming a luxurious and elegant image

IDR 5.000.000

Letter X V Isometric Logo

Isometric style that combines the letters X and V

IDR 5.000.000

Letter X Nordic Flower

Unique flower with interwoven petals that form the letter X, elegant and charming

IDR 5.000.000

Lettet T Paper Clip

IDR 5.000.000

Letter S Monster Claw

A logo with a unique and mysterious appearance, the letter S held by a finger that looks like a sharp fingernail

IDR 5.000.000

Double X Crown Logo

IDR 5.000.000

Heraldic Flower Medal

IDR 5.000.000