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Exclusive ready-made logos for sale from Zaremedia Design

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Logo Teh Herbal

Logo Teh Herbal


Digital World Logo

The logo combines the ball symbol as a world shape with digital lines and is shaded by a contemporary modified form of curly braces that strengthens the identity of the Digital World logo


Letter A Or Ahi Or Ati House Shape Logo

A or AHI or ATI letter initial logo with house shape. Suitable for contractors, consultants or the like


Digital Letter F Logo

F letter logo with a tech and or digital feel


A - Z Key Shape Letter Logo

A logo that combines the letters a and z in the shape of a key. Businesses or communities that use this logo can be interpreted as providing a complete service from a to z. The shape of the existing key can also be interpreted as a digital key reinforced by a blue trapezoidal shape which symbolizes the opening of a new (digital) world horizon.


Bird Eye Vision Logo

A logo that combines the shapes of glasses and birds. Symbolizes the sharpness of vision like a bird's vision that can see small objects from a distance. Suitable for your business that prioritizes sharpness, precision, speed and accuracy. It can also be for businesses that are in accordance with the vision / vision and so on


Gentle Bird

Logo burung sedang terbang. Yang terlihat hanya satu burung, namun bila diperhatikan white space nya, maka akan terlihat keluarga burung, induk betina dan dua anaknya. Melambangkan tanggung jawab istri dan anak berada di pundak suami (induk jantan)