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  • Classic Gun Logo
  • Sj Or St Logo
  • Letter Q Inside Polygon
  • Birds Bearing Flag Logo
  • Deer Pixel Art
  • Magic Hat Cake
  • Leaf Frog Logo
  • Limit
  • S Logo
  • Logo Rabbit
  • Fish Triangle Logo
  • Tree And World Logo
  • Hot Ramen Logo
  • Qc Sword Logo
  • Royal Horse
  • Lion King Logo
  • Perfume Initials H
  • Fish Logo In Water
  • The Light Of The Hands - Legal Community Logo
  • Logo M
  • Classic Sport Car Hexagonal Logo
  • M Splash
  • Cat Rice Logo
  • H Bowling
  • Letter G Leaf Logo

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Sold Logos

Design Services on the LOGOKU Marketplace

Logoku is a marketplace for graphic design services and exclusive pre-designed logos, commonly known as ready-to-use logos. Designers can easily sell their logos and find suitable buyers. Logos published or released by Logoku have gone through strict curation to ensure the quality of the logo in terms of originality, uniqueness and creativity. Using the design services available at Logoku is easy and safe; payment is first made to Logoku and the designer does what is needed. The designer then receives payment after the design project is completed.

What is ready-made logo or exclusive logo?

Ready-made logos, also known as "ready-to-use logos," are logos that have been exclusively designed in advance by designers. according to their respective concepts; business people and individuals who need a logo can choose the appropriate logo directly. A ready-made logo will save time instead of hiring a designer if the steps of hiring a designer are to give a brief, wait for the work, and preview the concept, whereas ready-made logos are a practical solution for logos that are ready to use, conceptualized, of high quality, and can still be edited to suit business or personal needs.

Why Use an Exclusive or Ready-Made Logo?

By choosing a ready-made logo, the businessman can determine which of the thousands of logos he likes, instead of creating a custom logo with only a few concept choices. Ready-made logos are a practical, fast and satisfying solution without compromising the quality or exclusivity of the logo, because they are created with a mature, unique and original concept under strict curation by the Logoku team. Why create a logo with a logo generator app, Logo Maker, Logo Creator, when we can buy a cheap logo design with an exclusive license for only $50?

LOGOKU As A Custom Service Provider

If the thousands of ready-made premium logos with exclusive licenses don't meet your needs, you can order a custom logo with a designer you choose directly or through Logoku's recommendations, or you can create a logo contest with a minimum of 100 design concepts at an affordable cost, a cheap logo price with premium results.