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( Diyan Rizqianto )

DRIZ VISUAL sebagai konsultan brand sangat menjunjung tinggi kreativitas dan keunikan dalam membuat karya. Style yang menjadi ciri khas dari desain yang dibuat adalah dual meaning dan filosofis.


Exclusive ready-made logos from DRIZ VISUAL

Total: 4 Logo
Sm Initial Logo For Marketplace

This logo consists of a combination of the letters SM and a shopping basket icon. Very suitable for use in retail businesses with names starting with S and M.


Fg Initials For Sports Logo

This logo uses the initials F and G which have a firm and dynamic character. This logo is suitable for sports events such as football, volleyball and basketball. The logo is also suitable for sports products such as jerseys, shoes and footballs that have the initials FG.


Initial D For Healty Consultant

This logo uses a combination of the letter D, a ladder and a chat icon. Suitable for use as a logo for the health and mental consulting sector. This logo type is modern and minimalist.


Initials Eg

This logo is made of two letters, namely E and G with a monogram style. This logo describes a road that is getting higher. It could also philosophize a bird's wing. It is suitable for businesses in the travel, automotive and technology sectors.