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Eaidi Studio adalah Studio Desain Logo Profesional yang selalu melakukan yang terbaik dan menjaga originalitas Logo untuk Pelanggan. Eaidi siap membuat solusi untuk anda.

untuk pemesanan desain bisa ke WhatsApp : 085935200853


Exclusive ready-made logos from Eaidi Studio

Total: 137 Logo
Letter G And Heart

the concept of the letter G and heart made in a modern and unique style. This concept is very good for corporate identity or business branding.


Simple Wing Sword

This simply made sword and wings is great for company. contractor or construction company. with a design like this it is very easy to recognize and looks different from the others.


Modern Rooster

A modern concept logo based on a rooster concept that is made simple but does not lose the identity of the chicken. With a concept like this it is very easy for people to quickly recognize businesses that focus on areas such as restaurants, chicken farms, communities of chicken lovers and processed chicken products.


Two Sword Letter S

a simple concept logo for company initials with a visual of two swords letter S this is very good for various areas of the company. A simple logo like this is very easy to recognize and use in various media.


Eagle Eye

eagle eye simple concept with modern style for corporate identity. This logo has a vision of progress and focus for the company. I made this logo for companies such as package delivery services, air transportation, and expedition services.


Red Sword Letter T

A logo with a modern concept of the shape of a sword and the letter T that can be used as the initials of any company. with modern concepts are easier to recognize from the point of view of corporate branding.


Sword Letter Y

This simple, modern concept of a sword with the letter Y is great for any company initials. This logo gives a strong and professional impression as a company.


French Flag Sword

modern concept of sword and flag of france. logo can be used for companies with french country identity.


Sword Arrow

modern logo concept with arrow and sword shape. The logo shows the continuous progress and success of the company.


Shield Wing Sword

logo concept with visuals of sword, wings and shield. This logo was created for the identity of a security company or esport team. with a simple and modern style is very good to use.


Letter Ft

FT letter logo concept is simple, modern and professional for a company. This simple logo can create a trusted impression for your business.


Modern Horse

The concept of a horse logo in a modern style is great for your business, this logo visual is very simple for identity but still looks strong and full of strength.


Spatula Rotation

Spatula concept logo for restaurant or food business. with a simple design and orange color is very good for your business logo.


Simple Building

This simple building logo is a concept for building and housing company identity. with simple visuals it becomes seen as a company that is already professional in the field of housing development.


Gate Sword

the gate logo with the addition of a sword shape is a logo concept for the identity of a martial arts school, martial arts course and martial arts community.


M Sword

This modern concept of an M letter sword can be used for your company initials or business brand. with red color makes a strong impression in your company.


Bird Simple Logo

a simple purple bird logo is great for your business brand. the logo can be used for the field of captivity, livestock and community.


Modern Sword

This logo with the main concept of a sword made in a modern style is great for your business identity. with a concept like this it looks very strong for corporate identity.


Ge Tree

GE initials logo concept in the form of a tree with an iconic modern style for your business identity.


Double S Letter

Double S letter is a simple modern initial logo for corporate identity. the logo can also be used in a variety of print and digital media.


M Letter Housing Sword

housing sword M letter is a modern and simple housing logo concept. with a concept like this is very good to use.


Ae Or Ea Initial

This AE or EA letter initial logo can be used for company and business identity. With a simple and modern design, it becomes more professional in the field of corporate and business branding.


Eagle Trophy

the logo for the identity of this sports team is easy to remember and iconic. with a modern and simple concept.


Letter N

N letter logo for corporate identity. This logo can be used in print and digital media.