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Tedy Hikari

Tedy Hikari

( Tedy Cahyono )

New Designer

Wujudkan Asa, menjadi Mahakarya.


Exclusive ready-made logos from Tedy Hikari

Total: 18 Logo
Feather Technology Logo

this beautiful leather is represent the bright of the future and the comfort zone. wish that the people, the business or the company that use this logo, can be success.


Iceberg Tech Logo

this modern and futuristic logo is suit for technology business. the iceberg represent the big, the power and the highest level of your business or company.


White Cracked Katana Logo

you can use this awesome logo for your business or company. such as cafe, japanese restaurant, martial art dojo or maybe for other business. this logo representating a brave, warriors, spirit of no surender till the end and justice.


Bull Eye Katana Logo

the famous logo of bull eye combine with a katana sword, makes this logo looks so unique and can make many people interest to see it. so take this great logo as fast as you can. before it takes by the other.


Cute Orange Ninja Logo

you can use this logo for orange business, like fruit store, orange supplies, orange plantation or orange industries. you can also use it for orange juice store. with this cute logo, make people interesting to see your business.


Swim Ninja Logo

this good design inspired by the ninja that have many skills, one of the skill is swimming. the logo is suit to use in esport logo, or it can also use for skill sport like ninja warrior or something like that. so be healthy be ninja. OSH.


Mushroom Ufo Logo

this logo is good for food store, like restaurant that serve a mushroom for the main menu. for mushroom store or also great for agriculture, especially mushroom cultivation. this logo can make your business being different and unique, and it can make yours to be famous.


Jellyfish Ufo Logo

suit logo for those who like fishing or love nature, especially ocean and animal in it. it can be use for nature organization. but it can be use for tech business too. to make their company looks different than the others. so enjoy this logo.


Cheese Paper Plane Logo

this logo can be good to use in food industries, food companies, bread store. especially food that made from cheese. the combination of paper plane and cheese make this logo is out of the box and interesting to see.


Sunset Coffee Logo

a beautiful sunset scenery combine with a coffee aromatic made a relaxing feeling and body. That is the message of this logo. So take it and gets relax.


Shuriken Drone Logo

a great logo for toys store, drone anthusiast and tech community. It is also awesome for photography or photograph lovers .made from combination between shuriken n drone. make this logo looks cool.


Letter D A And L Logo

an elegant, luxury and prestigious display logo for property, real estate, beauty center or for school name. And it is aso great for ,legal law or consultant, initial and foundation logo.


Ninja Bomb Logo

a unique logo design for esport, kids game, game developer or creative companies


Game Coding Geometric X Letter Or Islamic And Medical Logo

awesome logo for game developer, coding, esport and islamic or unique medical logo


Dragon Shield Logo

the logo is very perfect for security system, technology, internet, or future company. and it is also great for game developer.


Letter X Scissor And Needle Logo

A unique combination between scissor and needle that make it look like a letter x. So this logo is suit for those who have a barber shop, beauty center, tailor, fashion or clothing factory.


Letter Q Or Key Letter Logo

Unique combination of letter q and key suitable for security, automotive, car rental or real estate companies


Letter S Coffee Eye Logo

this logo is suitable for restaurant, cafe, cafetaria, coffee shop, coffee company or coffee product.