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Exclusive ready-made logos for sale from XankaraDesign

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Vs Letter

A simple logo of the combination of the letters V and S in a unique and abstract shape, the logo can be used for any business logo or for the community.


Letter P Spartan Helmet

The Spartan helmet logo you described consists of the letter P formed with design elements inspired by Spartan helmets. The color chosen is gold, giving the impression of luxury, strength, and courage.

The design elements of the Spartan helmet create a tough and rugged look, reflecting the warrior spirit and prowess of the Spartan culture. The gold color combination adds a touch of elegance and exclusivity to the logo, creating a sense of loyalty and excellence.

With a design that creates a harmony between strength and elegance, this Spartan helmet logo can be a powerful and impressive representation of a specific identity or brand.


Letter H Camera Lens

This logo has a simple design but portrays complexity in its simplicity. The logo forms a camera lens that is displayed abstractly. The lines and shapes summarize the essence of photography without being detailed, creating a modern and stylish impression.
In the negative space inside the camera lens, the letter H is placed which forms a balanced and well-integrated structure. The letter H gives the logo a unique identity, giving the impression that photography is at the core of the identity.


Geometric Octagonal Spiral

This logo is an abstract geometric work that combines an octagonal shape with a dynamic, swirling element like a vortex. The design gives the impression of movement, flexibility and energy that is constantly evolving.

The octagonal shape was chosen because it symbolizes stability and balance, while the movement of the spiral creates the illusion of movement and dynamics. The combination of these two elements creates an interesting contrast between stability and change, reflecting the philosophy that within stability lies the potential for growth and transformation.

The choice of colors for this logo can have additional significance. Dynamic colors like red or orange may bring out elements of energy and enthusiasm, while calmer colors like blue or green may give the impression of stability and controlled growth.

The logo is designed to have a strong and universal visual appeal. The uniqueness of the geometric abstract design provides flexibility of interpretation, allowing this logo to represent a wide range of values and visions. As a visual identity, this logo can reinforce a brand or organization image that emphasizes positive change, innovation, and continuous progress.


Letter Dp Plus

This logo is a visual representation that combines the letters D and P to form a plus symbol. The design creates a sense of unity and connection between the two elements.

It has an elegant simplicity yet is powerful in conveying a message of collaboration and positive growth. With a clean and recognizable design, this logo can create a strong identity and give a positive impression of the brand or organization it represents.


Simple Medical

The logo was designed with the main purpose of conveying a message about protection in the context of health.
The four curved objects symbolize the four main elements of protection: prevention, care, recovery and support. The four come together to form a circle, indicating unity and completeness in the approach to health.
The shape of a circle is often associated with unity, sustainability, and completeness. In the context of this logo, the circle reflects the full scope of healthcare, from prevention to recovery.
This logo can be interpreted as a symbol of full integration in the approach to health, encompassing all aspects of medical protection and services. The logo aims to build a positive image, trust, and security in the minds of the audience, be it patients, health insurance customers, or other stakeholders.


Paper Coffee Cup

The logo reflects the journey of coffee, from bean to delicious beverage. The folded paper shape characterizes a journey that involves the careful and expert process of making coffee. The choice of brown symbolizes authenticity and warmth, reminiscent of the aroma and taste of authentic coffee. The overall design creates a feel that invites people to experience the simple joy of a cup of coffee.


Letter Jr Or Rj

This logo features an elegant harmony between the letters J and R intertwined in an artistic monogram. With a touch of abstract design, the lines combine to create a unique and modern work of art. This abstract composition creates a dynamic and innovative impression, reflecting a progressive spirit and creativity.

The gold color chosen gives the logo a touch of luxury and exclusivity. Gold is often identified with success, wealth, and curiosity, all of which reflect the values and vision of the brand or entity conveyed by this logo. The gold color also creates a beautiful contrast and gives a tough impression, showing resilience and stability.

This logogram design can be interpreted as a symbol of togetherness and collaboration between different elements, while creating unity and a strong identity. Overall, this logo portrays a sense of professionalism, action, and success, making it the perfect choice to represent a brand or entity that is oriented towards progress and high quality.


Letter A Eagle Shield

The logo features an abstractly designed letter A, creating a modern and dynamic impression. Inside the letter A, there is an image of an eagle that is also designed in an abstract style. The eagle symbolizes strength, freedom and intelligence. The graceful posture and spread wings create a sense of movement and progress.

In addition, the eagle is wrapped by a shield icon, adding an element of protection and security. The shield is a symbol of courage and resilience, while the eagle enclosing it shows that courage is dynamic and always moving forward.

The use of red and blue colors in this logo gives a strong and bold impression. Red reflects passion, courage, and strength, while blue symbolizes trust, security, and wisdom. The combination of these two colors creates an interesting and alluring contrast, drawing attention and giving a professional impression.


Letter Wy Or Yw Shuriken

For sale is a WY or YW letter logo that is rotated to form a shuriken, can be used for esports, fashion or universal logos.


Love Perfume

a simple and luxurious perfume bottle logo in the middle of which there is an object of love. suitable for businesses in the perfume sector.


Eagle Arrow

The logo is a combination of an arrow and an eagle with a simple monoline logo concept. This logo can be used for any business or community.


Podcast Peacock Monoline

The combination of podcasts and peacocks with a monoline concept makes the logo look simple and luxurious. The logo is suitable for use for podcast purposes.


Diamond Star

five rounded diamonds have a star object negative space in the middle, making the logo look luxurious, elegant and modern. This logo is suitable for jewelry stores, diamonds or anything related to the logo.


Lion King Shield Modern

A logo that combines a lion king and a shield, this logo can be used for companies in the fields of security, fashion, esports, photography, services and others.


Infinity Letter Y Paperclip

three paperclips connected to form the letter Y, suitable for use in any business.


Circle Of Swords And Chains

This logo incorporates a sword and a coiled chain. The logo can be used for businesses in the automotive, technology, security or universal fields. The meaning of the sword itself means strength, courage and toughness. while the meaning of rante is a strong attachment and togetherness.


Abstract Flower And Number Eight

The logo combines the number eight into a flower, modern and luxurious. Can be used for company logos, communities or whatever.


Letter H And Butterfly

a simple logo of the letter H forming a butterfly, suitable for use in beauty, real estate, fashion, jewelry, cafe or whatever businesses.


Abstract Letter X Or H

Abstract letter X or H logo with ambigram concept, can be used for any logo.


Logo Medical Stethoscope

The logo is inspired by a medical device, namely the stethoscope, which forms a plus sign or medical sign. The logo is suitable for use for medicine or health such as pharmacies, hospitals, clinics etc.


Dna Medical And Letter S

a logo that combines a plus or medical sign with a DNA shape and has an S in the middle.
The logo is suitable for companies in the medical or lab sector.


Gear Leaf And The Letter N

leaf and gear logo and there is negative space for the letter N, this logo can be used for businesses in the automotive, community, or nature, medical or health related fields, etc.


Nature Brain

a logo with a blend of leaves and brains that represents a fresh thought. The logo can be used for anything.